Great news: Awesome special perks!

Great news, dear friends!

Many of you know a thing or two about Jon Bradford. Jon is the Managing Director of TechStars London and my dear cofounder at!

Here he is in Zagreb during his Master Class talk at ZIP:

Jon Bradford

Jon has kindly offered to mentor two contributors of the campaign, each with a half-hour mentoring session. He did this on the condition, however, that he would not be the only one to support the project this way.

Three other entrepreneurs who are featured in the book have signed up for this proposal! (also – I am chasing a few others đŸ™‚ )

So, as of today I will be announcing these Special Perks one per day. I won’t be spamming you with each one, however: stay tuned to the blog and / or my Facebook and Twitter feeds to find out who are the other amazing entrepreneurs willing to donate their super-valuable time to the project.

Now, if you go to the campaign web site, there it is: the “Jon Bradford Special” perk!

Thanks a million, Jon!

The rest of you readers – run, don’t walk to claim one of only two of these. And, of course – spread the good word. Only 11 more days left in this project, gotta hit that goal!

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