No Sleep Till Brooklyn!


Two weeks left in the campaign and $4K left to raise so we can all make this book go live! I know many of you are super interested to hear what’s going on with the project so here goes, briefly:

  • With 13 days left, we are at 46% of funding. Exactly $3,800 which means we need $4,392 to make this happen. Many of you have pitched in and I’m very grateful. Some of you are still “kind-of-thinking-about-it” – your contributions will be *really* appreciated and *now* – not later – is the time to go ahead.
  • We have a new chapter! I had an amazing conversation yesterday with the cofounder of one of Europe’s and fintech’s most awesome startups – Taavet Hinrikus of Transferwise. I first met Taavet in September of 2011 when he pitched at Seedcamp Week. Going from a small startup pitching at Seedcamp for €50K to what is now widely regarded as Europe’s next unicorn (i.e. Billion-Dollar valuation company) with 250 people on the ground has been a rocket ride, and The European Startup Revolution will include that story.
  • I’m planning to add two – and only two – more chapters. The people featured in these chapters aren’t even aware of it but yes – they are in my sniper scope 🙂 I’m getting suggestions and recommendations for more and more great projects as we move this forward but it’s been a moving enough target as it is and the book has to close at some point. So – no more chapters. Luckily there’s where we’re not limited by the book format and will keep on reporting (and criticizing!) the great stuff coming out of Europe.

Ok – back to this project. I’ve been kind enough to not harass my network *too much* during the past days but that “kindness” is over. There’s a clear goal of $4,392 to be achieved if all of us want this project to go from Indiegogo to the curious hands of readers throughout Europe and the world. So here goes:

  • If you still haven’t contributed to the project – NOW, not tomorrow or next week, is the time. To those of you that have – thanks, again, a thousand times!
  • Spread the word and share throughout your network! Social networks are fine, but if you send a personal email to 10 – 20 friends highlighting the value of this project for entrepreneurship in Europe and elsewhere, that would be even more awesome!

Stay tuned to some very, very interesting news coming your way over the next few days. 13 days left on this campaign, people. Let’s make it happen!




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